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From plant genetics to the retail customer experience, we’ve been developing our capabilities for nearly a decade.

Complex Workflow at Scale

Cannabis cultivation


Our original cultivation facility in Tumwater, Washington yields 300g/sq. ft., while our new facility in Elma, Washington has demonstrated yields of 400g/sq. ft.

Marijuana extraction & production

Extraction & Production

20+ brands and > 300 SKUs.

Cannabis packaging & distribution

Packaging and Distribution

Experts in regulations, challenges and opportunities in packaging for the ever-evolving cannabis market. Logistics and distribution to > 300 dispensaries in Washington.

Legal cannabis dispensaries


Operator of 10 legal cannabis dispensaries or adult-use retail locations in six states.

publicly traded licensed producer

Licensing & Regulation

Before 4Front was an operator, it was a consultant that helped cannabis industry pioneers navigate the early regulatory frameworks in states that had legalized medical marijuana. Since 2011, 4Front’s regulatory and licensing team has won more than 60 licenses for clients in states like Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Illinois. Our regulatory team now ensures that Mission continues to run every aspect of its operations in compliance with local and state laws. Our intimate knowledge and substantial experience with the evolving regulatory landscape means that we’re equipped to identify new market opportunities as they emerge.


publicly traded cannabis cultivation company

Strong and Consistent Yields

4Front’s cultivation capabilities were honed in Washington state, one of the country’s most competitive cannabis markets. Our team has developed two >50,000-square-foot indoor cultivation facilities with yields greater than 300 g/sq. ft. and we’re now working on the next iterations in Massachusetts and Illinois.

Proven Process & Production

Processing Success

4Front operates cannabis production facilities in three states, including in Washington, where it operates one of the largest cannabis-product manufacturing facilities in the world. 4Front currently has more than 16 product brands and more than 300 SKUs. In Washington, it supports logistics and distribution to more than 300 dispensaries.

Distribution & Retail

Reaching People

4Front’s roots are in retail, tracing all the way back to best practices developed at Harborside in Oakland, one of the oldest and most respected cannabis retailers in the country. Today, under the Mission brand, 4Front has built a retail model for the cannabis industry that incorporates best practices from some of the country’s most successful and well-respected retail and hospitality organizations. 4Front’s retail model is designed to scale the experience, not just the footprint.

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